I. Am. DYING over the reviews of Crave!

Have you seen them? Gah! Seriously—I was in a bit of a nail-biting stage with this story. It’s a little … deeper? More emotional? than the other Gibson Boy books. I’m beyond thrilled readers “get” the story and are responding to it so amazingly.

Crave was beautifully told and so heartfelt. I fall more and more in love with the Gibson Boys with each book. Mach has completely captured my heart. Excellent read!

I thought we needed a super-special giveaway to celebrate this. (Besides the one I’m hosting tomorrow right here on my website. Make SURE you check back and enter it. It’s ah-mazing too! … Okay, okay. It’s a Hello Lovely Fall Edition box! *screams* It’s so, so good.)

So scroll on down and get entered to win one of (3) Prize Packs. What’s in them? Good things. And that’s all I’m saying. Ha!

Thank you for your incredible support!


PS: If you didn’t know, you can read Chapter One on my website right now. Just click here. 🙂


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