You, my lovely, amazing readers put FLIRT on Amazon’s Overall Top 20!

I’m gobsmacked and elated and so, so grateful. The love I’m seeing for Moss and Brooke rivals my own and I can’t express to you what that means to me. So many are saying that Moss is their new Locke favorite and that Flirt is my best book yet.

I can’t with that.




A shadow filters across Moss’s face. “You were meeting a stranger?”

“I thought so.”

“To be your fake boyfriend?”

Suddenly, the whole idea isn’t as fun. Or smart. 

“That was the plan,” I say, my voice wavering.

I slink back into the booth and wait for the storm rolling through his eyes to subside. Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t quite disappear altogether.

“Fill in the blanks for me, Miss Information Gatekeeper. Start from scratch.”

It’s an order coupled with a no-nonsense, don’t screw with me anymore look that I’ve only seen a couple of times. Neither worked well for the receiving party.

I take a long, deep breath—much to his irritation. I blow it out just as slowly—irritating him even more.

Here we go.

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