To celebrate Sacrifice’s 7th anniversary last fall, I had the book undergo a new edit, had a new cover designed, and fresh audio created. This morning, I’m thrilled to announce that the audio is live!

If you haven’t listened to audio before, or would like to grab audio on a deal, I have some information for you: 

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After losing her husband in a tragic accident, Julia Gentry is barely surviving. Raising her young daughter alone takes everything she has—and that’s not enough. She’s barely making ends meet.

And then tragedy strikes again.

Julia’s only hope lies in the last place she wants to look—in Crew Gentry. Her husband’s brother is broody. Irresponsible. He’s broken her heart more than once and let her down every time she’s needed him.

Until now.

Crew steps up, spotting an opportunity to atone for his sins. He’s determined to fix the disaster wrecking their lives. But the only way to make things right might require him to put more than his heart on the line.

He might have to sacrifice it all.


Narrated by Joe Arden and Maxine Mitchell, Sacrifice’s audio will bring you to your knees.