Do you love the idea of audiobooks but give the price tags a second look? Hey—no shame! We all feel the pain. (Especially when kids are home and your grocery bill just skyrocketed AND you know you have those pesky back-to-school bills coming way too soon.)

I have a trick for you! If you own one of my ebooks and would love to try it with Audible narration, you can add that for a fraction of the audiobook cost! Really. Not kidding. Follow me here …

Let’s say you own the Crank ebook, all right? And you’d love to listen to that but you aren’t paying the $19.99 for it. You can go to the Amazon page and just under the “Buy Now” option on the Kindle version, you will see in orange letters “Add Audible Narration to your purchase for $7.49”.

Yup. It’s real.

Want to know something even better? (Or want to try it out for cheaper?) Check this out: My book SWINK is on sale right now for $1.49. (Limited time, people!) You can nab that and then add the Audible narration to that. That saves you another couple of bucks. And every. Buck. Counts. Am I right?

Okay, okay. I hear those of you that say, ‘I’m not sure audiobooks is my jam and I’m not interested in trying it out even for that price’. I have a trick for you too. 😉 

Head over to my Audible page and pick a book you think you’d like on audio. (Note: You can TOTALLY listen to samples! You don’t have to go in blind. Or mute. Or deaf. What word would that be? Anyway …) Grab it in the 30-day Free Trial. Just cancel it before the 30 days is up if audio isn’t for you OR continue listening to the books you love while you’re exercising or cleaning the house or just trying to block out your kids for asking for another freaking snack. (I’m not telling you which I use it for, but I don’t exercise as much as I should and my house is not pristine. Carry on …)

Those are my audio tricks and tips for all those working moms with a commute and those stay-at-home moms completely over the “HE LOOKED AT ME!” rigamarole. God bless you both. <3

Final tip: If you love the duet narration (where the man reads the man parts and the woman reads the woman parts), check out CRAVE. If you prefer all female narration, check out WHEREVER IT LEADS. Or, if you really want to get all in your feels and snotty, try SACRIFICE.

Have a great rest of your summer, y’all! (And don’t forget to download Swink for $1.49 while you can!)