Audio: THREE books for ONE credit

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I have the deal of a lifetime for you! 


I’ve wrapped the first three Landry audiobooks into one box set. That’s great itself. BUT, and this is a big but!, you can get the box set of all three audios for one Audible credit!




I hope you’ll take advantage of this crazy offer! Get graped by Barrett, fall in love with Lincoln, and shake your head at Graham for one tiny credit. So good. 


(If you aren’t into audio, you can read this box set in Kindle Unlimited!)

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Yes, Peck fans. Simmer down. He’s coming first. Ha!

Crazy, Peck Ward’s story from the Gibson Boys, is coming on August 29th! It is not up for preorder but you can sign up for an email or text alert by clicking the links below so you don’t miss it!

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