This month we are celebrating Totally Booked Blog. There’s so much to love about Jenny and Gitte, two fabulous bloggers that have been sharing their book love since the beginning of book time. (Okay, that’s not true, but they have been blogging for years!) It’s safe to say these two know how to navigate the book world, know what they like, and know how to share it with the reader world.

One of my personal favorite things about their blog is their website. It’s clean and organized and super simple to find the things you really want to know. Need a release schedule? Check. Need a list of recommendations that are truly recommendations? Check. Want to just see sales or new releases or a list of reviews in alphabetical order so you can find just the one you were looking for? Check, check, check.

Take a look at my interview with Jenny and Gitte below, enter the giveaway at the bottom, and make sure you check out their website. It’s reader gold, y’all!


What’s your favorite book?

That’s too hard. It’s like asking a parent to choose a favourite child. Haha We have a few faves.

Fine. I get it. Me too. Ha! But why do you love blogging so much? What is the one thing that makes you get up and want to do it every day?

The excitement of finding that book you fall passionately in love with and wanting to shout about it to the world! The book friends we’ve met and the authors we’ve fallen in love with.

Being that you know so many authors and have read so many books, do you have a favorite genre? 

Our tastes are so varied and it’s hard to single out one in particular. It all depends on the reading mood of the day.

I feel that. I’m a “moody reader” too. I think that’s what makes your blog so interesting—it’s always fresh with new books and new feels. What would you say readers can expect if they follow you? 

No BS. Just honest, heartfelt reviews and, as we read by mood, our reads don’t depend on who’s selling, who’s signed or any other specific factors except picking up a book that calls to us.

A chance to discover new authors and a reading community that’s more like a family.

We love our followers and book friends, they’re the reason we do what we do. It’s wonderful to hear their thoughts on a book – whether they loved it or not. Book discussions are THE BEST!

I agree—discussions are the best. I love knowing why someone did or didn’t love a story. Books are so personal that it’s interesting to see what resonates with different people. Speaking of discussions, there is no better place to talk books than over food! Let’s pretend I’m coming to dinner. What are you making me? 

Errrmmm we’re both crap cooks and need a map to the kitchen. Can we order takeaway?

I’m good with takeaway. Pizza is my favorite. Ha! How are we ordering that pizza—phone or text? What’s your preferred method of communication? 

We chat every day on the phone, so phone calls. Everyone else- texts hahahahaha!

Same, same. Ha! My happiest moment is when I have it on silence. 😉 This leads me to my next question: Define happily-ever-after.

Love, happiness and good health.

Have you ever thought about writing a book? I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of things in your days in the book world!

One day we will write a joint book: “Confessions of a Book Blogger”. It’ll be funny and juicy! haha

I bet it would be full of awesomeness! Give me some of your quirks I might learn in your book.

Jenny: I have a bit of OCD with organising my cupboards. I can’t have anything out of place. My clothes are organised in colour and type etc and I get anxious if something is put away out of order. Just one of my many odd quirks haha

Gitte: I speak quite a few languages and had already lived in 6 different countries before my 18th birthday. Now you have to force me to move!!! I’m staying put!

Since Gitte isn’t moving, let’s say we are throwing a house party at her place. What five fictional characters are you inviting?

Gitte: That’s a hard question! I’m going for a house party instead and it’ll be a free for all!!!

Jenny: Gitte answered that question perfectly so I’ll say ditto!

Good answer. Thank you both for joining me for a quick Q-and-A this morning. It’s been fun!

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Crave is coming in August. Add Machlan Gibson to your TBR here.