Book Review: Rebel by Rebecca Yarros

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She’ll defy his every expectation.

She’s Penna Carstairs.
The Renegade they call Rebel.
FMX-treme Magazine’s sexiest female athlete of the year.
There’s no rule in extreme sports she hasn’t broken,
No gender barrier she hasn’t demolished.

She’s the woman I met in a bar in Vegas.
The woman I illegally BASE jumped for.
The woman I spent one insane, incredible night with.
But now I’m screwed.
Or rather…not screwed.

Because the woman I can’t get out of my head is the one woman I can never touch again.
I’m Dr. Cruz Delgado—the youngest professor on this campus,
And Penelope Carstairs just walked into my class.


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My review:

What a delicious, smart, adventurous read!
I don’t know what I expected going into Rebel. Maybe nothing, really. What I left with is achy cheeks from smiling, wet lashes from a little tears, and a full heart from reading one of the best reads of the year.
Rebel is a bookworm’s dream. The plot is intricate but not distracting. The characters are intelligent, confident, but let just undone enough so we can relate. And, of course, so our main characters can fill them for one another.
A read-until-your-eyes-force-close, stay-up-way-past-your-bedtime, rush-the-kids-through-the-nightly-routine kind of read.
See? I’m typing this out and smiling just thinking of them. So, so good.
An absolute must read.
*this is me taking your finger and clicking BUY NOW when it’s available*
You’ll thank me later.

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