Hey, Audio Lovers!

Did you know my books are all on audio? They are. (And I love them!) You can get them a couple of different ways:

  • On Audible
  • If you own the ebook, you can add the Whispersync for just $7.49. Just go to the Amazon Page for the book you’re after and make sure it’s eligible. (Most of mine are!)

If you have never listened to an audiobook before and want to test the waters, I have a solution for you! (And it’s free. For real freeā€”not a trick free!)

  • Audible has a trial for 30 days! (After 30 days, it’s $14.95/month if you don’t cancel.)
  • You can grab two of my audiobooks to try for FREE in the first thirty days.
  • If you like listening to them, you can keep your subscription. If you hate them, cancel. It’s easy peasy!

The brewer Family Series

The marshall Family Series

The Landry Family Series

The Gibson Boys Series

The Mason Family Series

The Carmichael Series

The Exception Series

Dogwood Lane

Standalone Novels