Coy Mason is a jerk.

If there is one truth that Bellamy Davenport knows, it’s that. Hands-down. (Well, that and the fact that she didn’t mean to hurt him. Physically. Coy can’t be hurt emotionally because he doesn’t have a heart.)

Coy is not just the small-town, literal boy-next-door. He’s a heartbreaking, womanizing, mischief-making (and delicious) man and was all of those things well before he became a hot-shot country music sensation.

He’s a dream standing in her doorway with no shirt, messy hair, and a ‘Do you wanna?’ grin. But he’s also a nightmare for her heart and she knows it.

Their enemies-to-lovers relationship always ends the same way—heavy on the enemies, light on the lovers.

So why is she still standing there?



Praise for Reputation

Reputation is amazingly funny, heartfelt, and chock full of small-town characters who grab you from page one! Bravo! – NYT Bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills

Reputation is a recipe for perfection! *chefs kiss* – author Mandi Beck

Adriana Locke has a knack for writing highly emotional, real, raw stories. – author Anjelica Grace

If you’re looking a great romance book with a hot book boyfriend, an awesome female lead, and a plot that takes you through all the feels and warms your heart, then READ THIS BOOK! SO GOOD! – author Elyse Kelly

Adriana Locke adds a magical element to the families she creates. – Melissa, Book Boyfriend and Husband Makes Three

I swear you won’t regret this epically written, emotional, gritty, swoony, and hot story. – BBNT Book Blog

Oh my heart! – Kelly, Words We Love By

Definitely one of my favorites from her. – Reckless Readers

This book was phenomenal! – Kristin, Book Lovers Obsession

A masterpiece of epic proportions. – Nicki, The Overflowing Bookcase

Adriana Locke delivered a heart-warming love story that not only makes you swoon but it also entertains. – Weronika, Little Steamy Reads

All the sweet, heart-aching and intense feels were delivered perfectly with a stunning storyline and amazing characters. – PP’s Bookshelf

Reputation is exactly what I want and love about an Adriana Locke novel- steamy, heartfelt, funny, full of real-feeling characters and family shenanigans. – Amanda, Romance Reviewed

Moments of unabashed humour combine with powerful emotion to create an exquisite piece of storytelling. Do not miss this! – Donna, The Paperback Princess

I could not stop reading and there were times I was bleary eye and knew it was way past my bedtime. Totally worth it! Reputation is a MUST READ! – Crystal’s Book World

Incredible! – SC Book Addict

After finishing this story I needed a moment to gather my thoughts because the emotions that were awaken in me were so strong I was a sobbing mess. – Tanja, OMG Reads

These two are oil and water but the heat they create together just burns through the pages and my gosh the angst is glorious! – Patricia, Words We Love By Blog

Listen to A Sample of Reputation

by Narrated by Tor Tom and Kai Kennicott