USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke delivers an office romance full of steam and sizzle.
Mallory Sims is late for her first day of work.
After spilling her tea, she discovers she has no gas in her car. Add that her arm keeps sticking to her dress from syrup left on the console of her car, flustered feels like an understatement.
Then she sees her new boss.
Graham Landry is the epitome of NSFW in his custom-fit suit, black-rimmed glasses, and a look so stern her libido doesn’t stand a chance. Being flustered is just the start of her problems. Her punctuality is only the start of his. With a pink slip in hand, he’s been waiting on his new secretary to show up only to let her go. Then she rushes in with her doe eyes and rambling excuses, smelling like bacon and lavender. The termination paper falls to the side as she falls in his arms. 
This is a disaster in the making. Not because of his pinpoint exactness or her free spirit, but because when they’re together, the sparks that fly threaten to burn the whole place down.

Praise for Switch

“Graham is my new favorite Landry! Hot, sexy, dirty-talking CEOs are my favorite and he is at the top of the list! Adriana Locke, girl, you’ve written another book that I freaking love!” – Ilsa Madden-Mills, WSJ Bestselling author

“Switch is everything an office romance should be. But in classic Adriana Locke style, it’s so much more.” – author Rachel Brookes
“This book, this family–I can’t get enough!” – author Mandi Beck
“It’s one of those drop everything, do the laundry tomorrow, the dishes can wait, and the kids can have cereal for dinner type of novels.” – Inked Avenue