If you’re on the Locke List, then you already know this: we have a release date for Crazy.

*holds ears while you shriek*

Okay. Calm down. 😉

No, seriously. We do and it’s just around the corner and I’m so, so pumped to finally deliver Peck’s story to you on August 29th.

It’s taking me some time to get it “just right”. You deserve that. I deserve that. Our boy Peck deserves that! To ensure I get all my t’s crossed, I’ve given myself a bit more time to get it finished the way I want it.

How excited are you?

In the meantime, we have Tangle coming on July 2nd. You will love Trevor Kelly. You just will. If you like my other Locke men, you’ll die for this guy. He’s seriously one of my favorites—intelligent, charming, witty, and HOT.

Sweet is coming this year too … but in a super fun way that I can’t talk about yet. 😉 I’ll just say it’s sooner than later. Trust me.

Okay, back to Peck: if you want a text message from me when it’s live, shoot my name (Adriana) to 21000 via text. I’ll only text you when I have a new release. Swear. Rather have an email, sign up at the link below.

Want to save money while you wait for all these books? Try listening to Tumble’s audio narration for just $1.99 if you already own the ebook. 😀 It’s called Whispersync and a lot of my books are eligible for this feature. It makes the audio so, so affordable!