I don’t listen to a ton of audiobooks. Only when I’m in a big spring cleaning kick or am trying to workout (again) do I really listen to them. Welp, let me tell you something: I would absolutely listen to Tumble!

I hadn’t heard Aidan Snow’s voice before. Let’s just say I fell madly, deliciously in love with it. *swoons* And Summer Morton, who does the female role in Tumble, is fantastic. They’re so Dane and Neely!

Many readers have messaged me that they fell in love with this audiobook—even ones, like me, that don’t listen to them all the time! A lot of readers are using Whispersync, which allows you to use the audio narration in your ebook. It’s a feature right on the Amazon page and it’s totally cool. (And available for all of my books!)

If you haven’t checked out the audio, I invite you to head to the Amazon or Audible pages and listen to a sample. Just be prepared to love it. <3

Oh! One final thing: don’t forget that Tumble is available in Kindle Unlimited AND, for a limited time, FREE if you use Amazon Prime!



I loved every minute of this sexy and sigh-worthy second-chance romance. – Mary, Frolic


If you read Tumble, I have great news! Tangle, Book 2 in the Dogwood Lane Series, releases on July 2nd and is up for preorder now.

(And, let me tell you, Trevor is HOT!)