End of the Year Freebies!

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I always put a list of freebies in my final Locke List letter of the year. (My Locke List gets at least one freebie every month, too!)

If you aren’t on the List—remedy that here

I found so many great reads that I couldn’t fit them all inside the newsletter, so I’m putting them here. Get your clicking finger ready!

Please note that these DO EXPIRE. They are free at the time of posting and I am unsure when they will go back to full price or the offer will expire. 


The King Maker by Kennedy Ryan 

Fighting For This by Gwyn McNamee

Chocolate Covered Mistletoe by Samantha Baca 

In the Grasp by Cadence Keys 

The Heartbreaker Collection by Brighton Walsh 

Push the Envelope by Rochelle Paige 

Unscrewed by Ren Alexander 


Also, don’t forget, SWEET by me comes out on February 14th. 

I am SO excited to take you back to the Landry Family! Also, if you read Resolution, this is Paige Carmichael’s story with Nate Hughes. 😉 

Preorder at the link above so you don’t miss out!


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