“Craft is engaging, steamy, emotional and perfectly romantic, and it delivers a sublime happy-ever-after with all the feels.” – Mary, USA Today HEA

The love my readers and reviewers have been giving Craft is incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you! If you have not met Lance and Mariah yet, you’re missing out! Check out the excerpt below. Craft is live now on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited. Audio coming soon.


“Let me be clear about one thing …”

“No, let me be clear about one thing,” I say, whirling through the doors of my office, my voice leading the way. “Get out of my office, Lance. Now.”

Shoulders thrown back, lips pressed together just as firmly as my arms clench across my breasts, I say a silent prayer my demonstration is enough to convince him I mean business. Then, I do what I always do: brace for his attack.

His free hand clasps the back of his neck, toying with the edges of his hairline, which is sharp from a fresh cut at the barber shop. He runs his palm around the side of his throat as he releases a low, amused chuckle. “Jessa, I’m going to have to call you back.”

“You don’t have to call her back,” I say, aware my voice is projecting a few octaves louder than usual or necessary. “You just have to take it somewhere else.”




The bastard turns to face me, his full lips twisted into an undeniable smirk.


His shot is fired.

“I’m at work,” he says into the phone. He may be talking to her, but there’s no doubt his attention is set on me. Gaze searing into mine, the heaviness making it hard to breathe, he swipes his bottom lip with a slow, single stroke. The wetness left in its wake seems to somehow make its way between my thighs.

Damn it. 


“Craft is an example of “small town romance” at its very finest.” – NYT Bestselling author Raine Miller