Excerpt Reveal: Flirt

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FLIRT releases on Friday, April 8th. 

This is one you don’t want to miss!



“What about you?” I ask her, lifting my legs and laying them on the ottoman next to her. “What would you be doing if you weren’t here with me right now?”

“Probably deciding on the paint color for Parasol Place. Maybe having drinks with Jovie. Sometimes Smokey’s has live music on the weekends, and I go sit on the beach and listen.” She shrugs, watching me happily. “I do all sorts of fun stuff.”

As much as I’ve thought about Brooke, I’ve never pictured her having a life—doing things like a normal person. She’s always been Work Brooke, coming at me with designs and prices, or Fantasy Brooke. In that case, she’s usually naked or in my T-shirt and bent over a piece of furniture.

Her doing normal people stuff is an interesting concept.

“What are you thinking?” she asks before biting her bottom lip. 

Your peach-shaped ass up in the air while you watch me pound into you over your shoulder.

I roll my tongue around my mouth. “You don’t want to know.”

She lifts a brow, toying with me. “I asked, didn’t I?”

Your lips wrapped around my cock while I thread my fingers through your hair and come down your throat.

“Trust me,” I say. “You don’t want to know.” 

She turns toward me in a way that makes me place one of my legs on the other side of her, effectively boxing her in. I watch as she swallows hard but tries to play it cool. 

She’s so beautiful. 

I make every effort to stay calm. Control my breathing. Keep my hands locked on the armrests. Don’t move a muscle.Because seeing her like this—in my house, between my thighs—is more than I was expecting to have to deal with tonight.

It feels a bit more than a game of pretend.

Her hands rest just above my knees. She smirks.

Damn this woman.

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