Excerpt: Written in the Scars

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I’ve been working on Craft, getting it shored up and ready for its March 7th launch. It’s a standalone but technically a part of the Gibson Boys Series. But sometimes you really do want a complete and utter standalone.

Today I have an excerpt from Written in the Scars, a total and absolute standalone. You don’t need to read anything before it and there’s nothing to read after. You can just pop it open and enjoy … with tissues. Maybe.

Written in the Scars is an angsty, emotional, love-infused story that’s close to my heart. It’s a second-chance romance centered around a couple, Ty and Elin, that are already married when the book begins. Set in a coal community based on the town I live in (and the area in which I grew up), this book is special to me and I hope you enjoy it.

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“Do yourself a favor and head on out of here.” My tone lacks any warmth whatsoever, yet it carries the red-hot fury coursing through my veins.
Elin flinches. “What are you doing, Ty?”
“Saving you a bunch of embarrassment.”
“I know what I’m doing,” she fires back, teetering a little. “He’s taking me home.”
“When you can say that without slurring the words, sweetheart, I’ll believe you.” Shane laughs and starts to reach for her again. I cut the distance between us in half. Looking down and as far into his eyes as possible, I try to drive home the severity of this situation. “Touch her again, motherfucker. I dare you,” I growl. “I have no problem with going to jail tonight.”
“Ty!” Elin nearly yells, trying to shove me back. Instead, she falls head first into my chest. The feel of her body against mine, even if it’s on accident, is enough to make me lose my breath for a quick second.

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