Have you met the Gibson Boys? I have an exclusive snippet for you if you haven’t. Read on …


He presses off the tree, switching his gaze up the tree. “Let’s go, country girl. I’ll follow in case you fall.”

“I’m not going first. I have on a dress. I’m a lady.”

He bites back a smile. Leaning forward, his lips brushing against the shell of my ear. There’s no way to control the shiver that rips across my skin and flips on my libido in an instant.

“Have you forgotten already?” he whispers.

“Forgotten what?”

“That I’ve been inside you.”

I grip the wooden rung screwed into the tree as if I’m ready to climb. It’s really so I don’t sag against him. His words fire through my veins and singe my vessels, landing in one contorted mass at the apex of my thighs.

“And we saw what happened after that,” I volley back.

He bristles beside me. Clean, un-Walker-filled air swallows my personal space and I instantly hate it. My body begs to fall back towards him, to feel the energy that buzzes between us when he’s near, but I don’t dare.

Instead, I put one foot on the bottom rung and look at him over my shoulder. He’s watching me with intense, broody eyes, his bottom lip pinched between his teeth.

“Close your eyes, Gibson. I’d hate for you to see what you’ve been missing.”

With a light head and clattering heart, I work my way up the pseudo-ladder. I don’t look down. I show no fear. And even more importantly, I show no weakness.


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