Family Series: How Are They Connected?

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I’ve been getting lots of questions about how my family series are connected. So, voila! Here you go!

Note: This does not include Dogwood Lane Series, The Exception Series, or my standalonesโ€”Sacrifice, Wherever It Leads, Written in the Scars, and Battle of the Sexes. Those books are not interwoven into my large family series. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can technically read any of these books as a standalone, but it’s best to start at the first book in that seriesโ€”Sway, Crank, or Restraint. Lucky Number Eleven and The Relationship Pact are simply companion novels and are standalone novels. They simply have a character that’s either related or friends with someone in the series they’re connected to by a swiggly line.


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