I know a lot of people use Facebook (I mean, who doesn’t?). I also know that things can get so messy there and it’s hard to remember what’s where. 


That’s why I wanted to remind you today to join, if you haven’t, Books by Adriana Locke. We have so much fun in there with silly posts, great camaraderie, a positive environment, and pop-ins from my author friends. Join us if you haven’t! And, if you have, come over and say hello!

For those of you that don’t Facebook, no worries! We also have a Goodreads group! 

We do something super fun in there too. Every Friday, we post a list of the best free ebooks in romance! Yup—we do the work for you! All you have to do is click. Make sure you join All Locked Up so you don’t miss out. I mean, why should you miss freebies? You shouldn’t!