Freebie: Did you grab Lucky Number Eleven?

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If you know me, you know I love football! And if you know football, you know we’re heading toward the end of the season. (Boo!) I thought this was a good time to check in with you all and see if you’ve met my delicious football player, Branch Best, in Lucky Number Eleven.

It’s free.


You can click it for free right here.

This is a standalone novel. No cliffhanger. No tie-in to anything else. (Although they do meet the Gibson Boys briefly, so you could always jump to Crank if you wanted afterwards. But you don’t HAVE to.) Just a free book from me to you. 😉

This won’t stay free forever and, actually, I’m going to make it NOT free very soon. So if you haven’t grabbed it, now is the time, friends.

Go. Run. Meet Branch Best.

He’s a handful, I’m telling you. 😉



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Who is ready to meet Dane Madden?

He’s a single father. Blue collar. A man that’s screwed up big-time in the past, but time has forced to grow up.

Tumble, a book I’m so excited for you to read, will be released on February 26th on Amazon, Audible, and in Kindle Unlimited. You can preorder now.

If you aren’t the preordering type, text the word Adriana to 21000 and I’ll send you a text when it’s live. 😀

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