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One thing I love doing is feeling good about purchases. Not that a new pair of shoes doesn’t feel good just on principle, but that’s not what I mean. What I mean is when I buy something that I feel like extends goodness through my dollar. Does that make sense?

A new box has taken over the book world—the Hello Lovely Box. I love thre3e big parts to this:

  • It’s not JUST a book box. It’s a box about sisterhood, about female empowerment. Opening it and reading the positivity just makes ya feel good.
  • 15% of the proceeds goes to support INK180. They empower others by covering tattoos that are present due to gang activity, human trafficking, or domestic violence.
  • You get one EXCLUSIVE, special book cover that no one else has. Yay!

The summer box was the first box for Hello Lovely and it included a fresh cover from LJ Shen’s Vicious. I adore (no, okay, I love!) the original cover but this one is just amazing. So different and unique and a great collector’s item!

These boxes were sold out but I managed to snag one for me and one for … you? Yup. I have an extra box sitting on my desk needing a home. For a chance to win, scroll to the bottom and get your name in the hat! 🙂


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