Happy Halloween: Sex & Candy

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Happy Halloween! While everyone else is getting ready for Trick or Treating, Ford Landry is up to something…sexy 😉

Read on for more!


“What are you doing?” I laugh, pointing to the bedroom door. In a matter of seconds, I’m on my back and he’s on top of me.

“Exactly what you just asked for,” he grins.

“I don’t recall asking for anything.” I run a fingernail down the side of his face.

His eyes heat, his Adam’s apple bobbing so sexily that I almost gasp. His fingers work the button of my jeans and they’re slipped down and discarded, along with my shoes and socks.

The air is cool as it touches my skin, but my temperature rises as I watch Ford undress. He maintains eye contact the entire time, ridding himself quickly of his attire.

As he climbs back on top of me, I drape my arms over his neck. I press a kiss to his lips. “Just looking at you is like foreplay,” I admit. “Damn it, Ford.”

He grins, allowing me to roll him over and sit my pussy over his cock. I can feel the heat radiating off me, my wetness making our bodies slip as I gently rock my hips back and forth.

“I can’t wait,” he says, lifting his hips. He palms his length. As he positions himself against my opening, I lick my lips.

“I want you inside me. I want you so deep that you—oooh!”

In one deft movement, he slides in me. My body feels amazingly full, like every sensory organ is being overwhelmed in the most delicious way.

“Like that?” he growls.


Moaning, my head falls back and the ends of my hair swish against Ford’s thighs. He digs his hands into my hips and I rock back and forth, craving as much contact as I can make.

“Damn,” I hiss, rolling my hips slowly. “This is heaven.”

He lifts his hips, sinking even deeper into my body. I feel my wetness when I reach behind me and palm his balls.

“Fuck,” he murmurs, throwing his head back into the pillows.

I massage them, watching the look of pure delight dance across his face. “Feel good?”

“So fucking good.”

As I release him, he flips me to my back. My foot goes flying, knocking over the menagerie of things on my bedside table. The sound of little candies pouring onto the bed rattles through the room.

I giggle, trying to move so the hard pieces don’t get under me. It’s futile. Every adjustment I make allows more to roll beneath me.

“Shit,” I laugh. “That’s kind of a mood killer.”

“That’s all it takes to ruin your mood? Guess I’ll have to work at getting you back where I want you.”

I lie still, watching him methodically pick up one piece of candy in each color. “Be still,” he warns as he places a red one in the hollow of my throat. “Don’t move or it’ll fall.”

He shoots me a devious grin as he places another candy between my breasts.

“What are you doing?” I ask, trying to stay still.

“Shh …”

A purple candy sits just beneath my chest and a yellow one is placed in my belly button. With a smirk to die for, he watches my reaction as he sets an orange one at the apex of my thighs.

My breathing gets more ragged as he positions himself between my legs. His hair is mussed up, his eyes downright sinful.

“What now?” I whisper.

He shuffles to the side, placing a green one on the peak of my closed lips. Maintaining eye contact the entire time, he lowers himself push-up style and swipes the candy from my lips. I grasp his biceps, feeling the muscles flex under my touch.  

As my jaw slacks in response, he takes advantage and enters my mouth with his tongue. He kisses me with a fervor I reciprocate.

When he pulls back, I pout.

“Trust me,” he winks. Lowering himself again, he forms an O over the candy at the base of my throat and sucks it into his mouth.

I hiss, sucking in a deep breath. My nipples harden, peaking, begging for attention. “This better not take too long.”

“You’re going to have to be patient,” he warns, swallowing the candy.

He moves down my body, appreciating every curve and bow of my figure with squeezes and kisses as he goes. I feel his cock hard against my leg as he repositions himself. My pussy clenches in response.

He draws my nipple into his mouth, rolling the hardened bead around his tongue. I knot my hands in his hair and pull, letting out a drawn-out moan.

“You’re killing me,” I tell him, dying.

His tongue drags hot and wet across my chest, catching the candy on the way to my other nipple. Using the candy as a prop, he rolls it over the tip of my breast. I writhe against his body, beginning to lose my mind.

He moves lower down my body, swiping the next candy and then sucking the piece from my belly button. His mouth is hot, his tongue heavy as he drags it across me.

I suck in a quick breath, my skin on fire. Goosebumps spatter the surface, my hips rising, begging for action.

Looking up at me as he gets settled between my legs again, he grins. “Need something, El?”

“Yeah. You. Inside me.”

“I’ll be happy to do that. In just a second …”

I growl, falling back into the pillows.

Nudging my thighs apart with his elbows, he presses a kiss to the inside of each of my legs. I feel small bits of pressure parting me and I look down to see him pressing candies along my slit. 

“What are you doing?” I ask, my jaw hanging open. 

Ford splays his hand at the bottom of my belly and uses his thumb to apply pressure to my clit. “Hold still,” he smirks.

“Hurry up, Ford,” I groan. “You’re being mean.”

“I’m about to be very,” he says, leaning forward, “very,” he hovers his mouth over my opening, and as I begin to moan, he whispers, “nice.”

His breath trickles over my opening, warm and heady. Just as I begin to object, he runs his tongue up me, capturing the candies with his tongue.

“Oh my God,” I say, as he grins devilishly at me.  Before I can process anything, he buries his face between my legs. 

“Ah,” I say on an exhale, trembling. My knees literally quake, my eyes squeezing shut as he makes another leisurely pass to my clit.  

“Hurry up. Ah!” I voice as he dips a finger inside me.

“Hurry up?” he laughs. “Baby, I’m just getting started.”

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