If you read Relentless, then you already know—SWEET, the much-awaited Landry book, is coming on December 30th!

Who is it? I’ve been asked this question a million times … and I’m finally read to give you an answer: Nate Hughes! Nate is Dominic Hughes’s brother, a single dad that owns The Gold Room. (Dominic, as you will remember, is the boyfriend of Camilla Landry.)

I am so, so excited to go back to the Landry world again. (Except for Lincoln Landry. He’s never left my brain. Ughhhh – LOL!)

Before we do that, we have to finish the Mason family with Wade’s book, RESOLUTION on October 22nd. I have to admit—Wade is the one I’ve been dying to write. He’s grumpy, broody, and kind of a jerk. I think we’re going to love him! Ha!