Let’s Talk: Kindle Unlimited

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You wouldn’t believe how many messages I get every week from readers asking if it’s “okay” to borrow my books in Kindle Unlimited.


Short answer: Heck, yes!


My books wouldn’t be in there if it wasn’t okay. ☺


To be frank, I remember the days where I had the time to devour a book a day or every-other day and I also remember how expensive that could be. (Yikes!) Kindle Unlimited allows readers to choose from over a million eligible titles and thousands of eligible audiobooks to read for one low price of $9.99 a month.


Yup. You’d spend that easily on 2 or 3 novels!


Even better: all of my books are enrolled. While you can still buy them normally, you can also “borrow” them in your Kindle Unlimited subscription and read them as a part of your monthly fee. And—no worries about me, y’all! I still get paid. ☺


If you’ve ever thought about binging the Landry Family Series or Gibson Boys or, heck, all of my books, you can save a small fortune, grab Kindle Unlimited and read them there! (You can also try a month for free!)


Happy reading, friends.

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