One of the first authors I ever fell in love with – both as a writer and a human being – was Beverly Preston. She’s an incredible soul. I can’t say enough about her. 


Unfortunately, Beverly’s teenage daughter, Jordyn, is waging an intense battle with cancer. Many of us in the book community wanted to do something, so we’ve created a limited-time anthology of never-before-seen stories. All money made will go straight to the Preston’s. 


Jordyn’s Army will go live on September 3rd and will be available for one month only. It’s available for preorder now and we’d love to have your support with our cause to bring the Preston’s a smile through this challenging time. 


Authors taking part: Heidi McLaughlin, Kathy Coopmans, Amy Briggs, Adriana Locke, Shari J. Ryan, Julie A. Richman, HJ Bellus, Sam JD Hunt, Tara Leigh, Kaylee Ryan, Michelle Dare, Haylee Thorne, Michelle Windsor, Verlene Landon, Kristin Mayer, MJ Fields, Rebecca Brooke


A huge thank you to Rplus M Photo for the gorgeous photo so kindly donated. Hugs to Cody Smith for modeling and to Madhat Books for the cover design. And the copper rose on the cover was made by Jordyn Preston herself.  

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