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Hi, friends!

I’m here to make your day a little brighter—Reckless is live!

(Just want the link? Ok! —>

Boone Mason is unlike any hero I’ve written in a long time. He’s so … Well, let’s say that #BooneSwoon is a real thing! Ha!

So many of my early readers have said things like:

“Boone is my new favorite Locke hero!”

“The Masons are overtaking the Landry’s in my book!”

“Could he be any sweeter?”

So, yeah, be excited. 🤩


So, what inspired Reckless?

Many things, actually, but I’ll give you three ideas that helped develop this story.

#1: Love is a choice.

#2: Love is being all-in.

#3: Love is meant to be lived, not survived.

Boone and Jaxi have to come to terms with these three ideas in the book. It’s a beautiful, fun, flirty journey that might make you sniffle a little. *winks*


The ebook is live now. The paperback will be live next week. And the audio is being narrated now and should be available soon!

Now, what are you waiting for? Go! Run! Boone is worth the hustle!

Happy reading,

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“With small-town charm and a big, boisterous, loving family you’ll definitely want to be a part of, Boone and Jaxi’s emotional story is a direct hit to the heart.”

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