Writing is a very lonely endeavor, friends. Except the voices in your head, you spend most of your time alone. Not anymore for me.

I’ve created two new “programs” on my Facebook author page so that I can interact with … you! Yes, you! Yay!

Come chat with me every MONDAY at 12pm EST for MAP MONDAY and every FRIDAY at 9pm EST for LOCKE TALK. Each live discussion will include a giveaway of some sort in addition to the fun of just being there together (as together as we can be!).

I’ll stick a link to my Facebook page below. Make sure you follow the graphic below as well so you continue to see my posts over there. Facebook is making it super tricky for me to reach you. Boo!

Grab a drink tomorrow night (and a snack because SNACKS! LOL!) and come chat with me. It’ll be fun. Promise. xo