New Book: Delivery Man

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Hi, friends! I come bearing news about a new book AND, the best part of all, it’s free. Yay!

Okay, okay. I’ll stop teasing and get to the good stuff. I’m writing a book titled DELIVERY MAN. It’s a fun, sexy story that will be available to the Locke List subscribers only starting in January. I will be publishing one chapter a month and sending to my Locke List-ers. 🙂

(Don’t worry—if you miss a month, I’ll make sure there’s a way to catch up. This is nothing to stress about, nothing you should shy away from because you don’t want to miss an update. I’ll make sure you get them!)

I’ll put a link (and the cover!) below. If this looks like something you might like and you aren’t on the Locke List, make sure you fix that stat. 🙂


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