Note of Thanksgiving: Written in the Scars

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is a day across America to pause and give thanks. I encourage you to do that at some point during the food and festivities, to really stop and consider all the good things in your life. Don’t over look the little things like access to clean water. According to Water.Org, one in nine people in the world don’t have that luxury.

I dug around and found a little message Ty sent Elin today. If you don’t know who they are, they’re my characters from Written in the Scars, a book with a theme of remembering what’s important. I’ll post it below.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend,



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To: Elin
From: Ty
Re: Things

I can hear you in the kitchen and smell the turkey and coffee and whatever pie you’re making. Your laugh sounds so pretty as you listen to Lindsay’s jokes. Even after our late night, you didn’t hesitate once to jump up and begin our Thanksgiving meal.

So much has happened lately, E. Most of it isn’t something I’d wish on anybody and the pain of it still sits on our shoulders every day. We are so damn lucky. Not just because we are where we are, but because we get it now.

This has always been my favorite holiday. True, before it was because I didn’t have to buy anyone anything and just got to eat a ton. But this year, it’s different. This year I truly understand what it means to give thanks.

I’m so grateful for you. For the love you show me, our family, our friends. For the kindness you show the world and the way you take care of Dustin and my team. You never cease to amaze me with your resilience and the grace in which you deal with whatever comes your way.

I’m a lucky motherfucker to be your husband. I want you to know that today, before anything else, I give thanks for you.

I love you, E.



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