I’ve been burning the candle at both ends. With each hat I wearโ€”wife, mother, daughter, friend, C.E.Oโ€”I’ve been going balls to the wall for what feels like months. In reality, it probably has been months. But there’s so much to do and oh-so-little time.

I know you feel me.

I kind of had a mini breakdown a few days ago. It was one of those snotty cries (which I never do!) and, by the time I was really going, I didn’t even really remember what I was crying about exactly. Just that I was tired. Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Weary in the sense that I swore it wasn’t just my head or my body that was tired, but my freaking soul was tired. It was that deep.

My husband held me, as good husbands do, and asked why I don’t ask for help more often. I riddled off a list of all the things *I’m* responsible for, the things *I* have to do (and managed to wipe my nose on his shirt, but let’s talk about that another day). You know what he said to me? He said this:

You don’t have to sacrifice the good in you to make good in the world.


Hold up, Mr. Locke. What was that?

I don’t say this often (or lightly), but my husband was right.

His little off-the-cuff line as he wiped the mascara streams off my face resonated with me and I still think about it daily. I want YOU to think about it too.

We give and give and try to meet expectations because we want to make others happy. We want to help out. We want to be good people but, you guys, that doesn’t mean we have to give up what’s good in us in exchange.

It’s not necessary to throw away our peace, our happiness, our ten minutes at nice with peace and quiet to ย do good. It’s okay, it’s even imperative, that we preserve the happiness, the goodness, in our hearts and souls. If we give it up, even if it is to do good, there won’t be anything of us left.

Do great things. Help others. Be kind. Lend a hand. But be sure to keep hold of the good in you too. <3

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Leaves are falling.

Air is breezy.

Heated blankets are out. (Or at least mine is!)

What else does that mean in the Locke household? Homemade caramel corn!

Click here for my mom’s recipe. It’s delish.