Signed Paperback – The Exception



Foolish women fall in love with the bad boy.
Cane Alexander was bad boy personified.
Confident, he entered a room with his piercing blue eyes wearing a smug grin. He was the proverbial red flag wrapped up in a ridiculous set of abs.
I tried to resist him. After all, I was done being a fool.
Maybe it was his charm, or perhaps it was his persistence. Maybe it was how he entered my life and refused to leave. Whatever the reason, I fell for the one man I should’ve resisted.
Even though it made me a target.
I didn’t know if I’d become yet another notch on his bedpost or be the exception to his rules.
Or if I’d survive long enough to be either.

From USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke comes a tale full of twists and turns. Readers who enjoy opposites attract, romantic suspense, and cocky heroes will enjoy this story.

Note: The Exception now includes an extended epilogue previously titled The Connection.

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