It’s Release Day. First name / friend!
Let me be clear about one thing right off the bat—I have never written a story quite like this. 
Pulse is the first book in the Landry Family Security Series, so I knew there had to be suspense. But I also desperately wanted it to feel like an “Adriana Locke book”. I knew it was going to be hard to pull off. How do I make the security readers happy and, at the same time, not lose the little things I’m known for?
Guys, I did it. 🤩
This book has a mystery and some suspense, but it’s filled with the snappy banter, found family vibes, and you know I added a few side characters that are an entertaining as the main ones! winks at my Facebook group who regularly demand stories for side characters And this heroine, Miss Dahlia Lovelace, is quite possibly my all-time favorite heroine!
And we cannot forget the swoony, spicy, unforgettable hero Troy Freaking Castelli.
I am OBSESSED with these characters and this book. I cannot wait for you to read it and let me know what you think! Audio is coming on June 1st.
Pick it up for $4.99 or read it for free in Kindle Unlimited!
Just be warned—you will fall in love. 😍

It’s hard enough to stay calm when I have time to brace myself for Troy’s presence. It’s damn near impossible to appear unaffected when he blindsides me.

He sits across from my desk, relaxed in a chair, his knees spread. A quick glance would give the impression that he’s casually waiting for me to end my conversation. A deeper look says otherwise.

Troy Castelli’s square jaw is tight. His gray eyes are nothing short of thunderstorm clouds just before lightning strikes. His elbow rests against the arm of the chair, and the pad of his thumb strokes his bottom lip as if he’s deciding my fate.

He’s a whole damn mood—a sexy, dangerous vibe that steals my breath.


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