Real Talk: My Kids Hate Putting Up The Tree + Giveaway

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You want some real talk?

My kids hate putting up the tree.

We simply aren’t the family you see on social media with mugs of hot cocoa and holiday jingles playing lightly in the background, tossing (homemade) popcorn at each other while giggling happily and decorating our tree.


My kids hem and haw around like I asked them to shovel dog poop off the lawn. The middle two will help put the tree together (because I’m not about to pick up the real tree droppings off the floor for a month). The oldest will hook the lights up (pre-lit, yo). And the youngest will wait me out so he gets to put the star on. I can usually also wrestle them to put one of their personal ornaments on the branches before they run off to do something more exciting.

This is not what I thought motherhood was going to be. And when I see everyone’s (or it feels like everyone!) pictures online with their happy families dripping in tinsel, it sucks. I wish we were that family.

I think.

I’ve thought about this a lot today (mostly while I was dripping in tinsel … alone). And you know what I decided? For better or worse, this is my family. And, if I’m being honest, I don’t love putting up the tree either. Maybe we aren’t the heart-warm-iest Christmas-prep clan in the world, but you know what we are? A family. And you know what we will have? Another Christmas of memories once the tree is up.

Even with it half-decorated now (I took a break), the Little Locke #3’s eyes are already twinkling with the holiday spirit. The Littlest Locke is giddy, asking about his Elf on the Shelf. (A story for another day.) The Little Locke #2 sat on the couch with a little air of contentment (and watched me decorate) and, you know what? That’s okay. It’s just how we roll.

Now, quickly, for all of you asking why I don’t make them helpโ€”what kind of Christmas spirit is that? Everyone would just be mad in five minutes and I’d rather have it go up in peace and remember that and not how we hate each other the afternoon the tree goes up. Just saying. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope your tree went up or is going up and that you have a wonderful holiday. To celebrate, I have a giveaway! See below.

Merry Christmas,


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