“I had to sneeze.” 

I should’ve taken her insurance information and driven off like any reasonable CEO with places to be would. 

She crashed into my car, for heaven’s sake. Because she had to sneeze

What did I do? I didn’t get in my car and drive away, if that’s what you’re thinking. 

Nope. I stuck around. I could suggest I stayed because she needed help, but the truth? She was really, really hot.

We became fast friends. Then friends with benefits. Before I knew it, we were involved in an illicit office romance that had me fumbling through a drawerful of panties to get a Post-It. 

It was supposed to be easy—a fling, if you will. A dashing millionaire hero (*adjusts tie*) and a beautiful (stubborn, frustratingly independent, hell-on-wheels) damsel in distress. (Don’t tell her I said that.) 

It wasn’t supposed to be forever, but we did want a happy ending. (Pun intended.) We could’ve made it work, too. 

But one of us overcomplicated things with the L-word. And the other? They omitted a truth that changed everything. 


Praise for Relentless

“I’m not sure how Adriana manages to write every single one of my favorite book boyfriends, but she does. This office romance is fire!” – author Mandi Beck 

“No one does romance quite like Adriana. This office romance has it all! Wit, heart, and tons of heat. Must-read.” – USA Today bestselling author, Logan Chance

“A journey full of hope, steam, tension, and a forbidden office romance that has you simultaneously blushing over what zip ties and a sturdy desk can lead to, and holding your breath.” – author Anjelica Grace 

“Adriana Locke makes small town magic once again! One of my favorites of 2021!” – author Laura Pavlov 

“A sweet, hot and fun romance; I love Oliver!” – RBCRRBLOGGER

“In a world full of angsty miscommunication, it was refreshing to read a book about adults.” – Romance Recs

“This is everything we have to come to love in any book by Adriana Locke, pure perfection!” – Read.Review.Repeat Blog

“This book had me up all night because I could not put it down.” – Nicki, The Overflowing Bookcase

“Adriana Locke is a QUEEN of contemporary romance and this is my new favourite book from her.” – Make Me Blush Books

“This emotionally satisfying boss-employee romance is really something special.” – PP’s Bookshelf 

“I truly loved Oliver and Shaye’s fun, intense and delectable love story and could not put this book down.” – Jen’s Dreamy Little Reads 

“Relentless is utterly spelling-binding, a bewitching blend of electrifying chemistry, a SWOONY hero, a witty heroine with a habit of awkward rambling, soulful emotions, a dab of heartbreak, acutely heartwarming, tenderly healing, giggle-inducing witty banter, steam, and meddlesome brothers that have no qualms of leaking a sibling’s secrets to mom. A top read of 2021.”  -Melissa, Book Boyfriend and Husband Make Three 

Listen to a Sample of Relentless

by Narrate by Wen Ross and Amanda Stribling