Romance Retreat: You’re Invited! (And it’s free.)

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Are you like me and super frustrated with all the social media platforms? I mean, I like them all and each serve a (slightly) different purpose, but I just don’t have time to check Facebook, Facebook groups, email, Instagram, texts, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat—GRRRRRR!

It was in a “GRRRRR” state that I thought to myself, “Self, there needs to be one place romance readers can go and find everything.” And by everything, I mean everything by everyone’s everything. Teasers, new releases, sales, Q&A’s, highlighted blogger posts, a lounge for readers to chat about books … and not books. A “one stop shop”, if you will.

So, I got to thinking and realized there is a place like that for readers. It’s called Goodreads. But everyone is so spaced out over there (or not over there at all). So, I got to thinking more that I should fix that.

Lo and behold, Romance Retreat was created.

What is it? I’m so glad you asked. 😉 It’s a Goodreads group with over 150+ of your favorite (and soon-to-be-favorite) romance authors! Seriously. It’s amazing. We cross all romance genres. We cross all tropes. We cross all bridges to make this one place a special, cozy, camaraderie-filled book lover’s paradise.

You want to join? I’m glad you asked that too. 😉

Hit the button below and join. I’ll see you there.


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Have you met the Gibson Boys yet?

They can be read as standalone novels. If you want to read them all, start with Crank by clicking HERE. 🙂


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