Sacrifice: Deleted Scene, Part 1

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This is an extended scene that was NOT included in the original book.

Please note: THIS SCENE CONTAINS SPOILERS. Please DO NOT READ if you haven’t read Sacrifice. 



My fingers twist through the cage, my knuckles turning white. I nearly lift my feet off the ground with the force of my screams. 


“Get the fuck up, Crew!” 


I force my arms through the metal, reaching for my best friend. There’s nothing I can do but will him on. Beg him to move. 


My best friend lays on the mat in front of me. I scan his chest for movement, craning my head to see through the medics huddled around him. I need to see some sign of life as much as I need my own next breath. 


“Crew! Get up, man!” 


The crowd roars around me. Everyone is standing and nearly everyone is shouting. The excitement of a fight a few minutes ago has been replaced with the devastation of a fight gone wrong. 


“Come on, Crew,” I mutter, feeling tears stinging my eyes. He’s still not moving and the frantic look on the face of the officials in the cage unnerves me. 


Before I can contemplate what I can do, a new line of medics swarm the cage. A stretcher is pushed to the doorway and my heart drops to my feet. 


Oh. My. God. 


“No!” I shout, my voice breaking. “No, no, no, no …” 


I try to shove my way to the doorway, but the masses just push me back. I can’t think. I can’t breathe. I’m slowly suffocating, drowning in the chaos. 




I spot him at the doorway, fighting to get inside. They’re pushing him away, too. He hears me somehow and looks at me over his shoulder. His skin is ashen, his face showing the one thing I’ve never seen on it before – fear. 


“Pray,” he mouths before turning back to the work his way to Crew. 


The room begins to spin. Scents of sweat and spilled beer start to overwhelm me. 


A painful liquid begins to creep up my throat and I’m shaking, yet unmovable. It’s a petrifying mix of emotions as I look back to the mat to see Crew Gentry, the man that can do fucking anything, not able to do fucking shit.

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