SALE: Wherever It Leads

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If you haven’t met Fenton Abbott yet, you can now for less than a dollar! WooHoo!

I put Wherever It Leads on sale for a few days. It’s ninety-nine pennies for a super-short time. As a matter of fact, the sale ends THIS WEEK.

Fenton is one of, if not THE hottest book boyfriend I’ve ever written. He’s … gah! I love him. Grab him if you haven’t.

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Fenton is standing in front of the windows that line this room too. One hand is pressed against the glass, the other holding a phone to his ear. He looks in complete control, dominating, and it makes my mouth water.

His charcoal grey suit is stretched across his wide shoulders, his legs shoulder-width apart. It’s the sexiest thing I might have ever seen.

Lord help me when he turns around.

The door closes softly behind me. As if in slow motion, Fenton turns. The setting sun is to his back, almost like the universe is showcasing his splendor in case there was any doubt of his perfection.

He slips one hand in his pocket, a slow smile spreading across his face. “I’ll call you later,” he says into the phone and puts it in his pocket too.

All I can do is take him in. He’s doing the same as his gaze caresses me from head to toe. Even from the other side of the room, I can feel him skirting my curves, skimming my jawline. It’s visual intercourse, if that’s even a thing, and I’m ready to climax.

The top button of his shirt is undone, his tie gone. A dark belt wraps his narrow waist, giving him a look of sophistication. His jaw has a spattering of stubble and I wonder what it would feel like beneath my fingers.

The energy in the room crackles as he draws near. My breathing is rapid-firing and I take a deep breath to try to sort it out before he reaches me. I fumble with what to say and what to do. I’m not the smoothest on dates anyway, but with this Adonis? God almighty. I don’t know him well enough to know how to even address him. Come to think of it, I know three things: his name, he’s gorgeous, and he currently holds all the power. And I’m ready to remove all of my clothing. So I guess that makes it four.


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