Cross Jacobs was a screw-up.

Everyone knew it, especially him, and the point was hammered home when Kallie Welch drove herself right out of his life.

But, she’s back.

Seeing Cross wasn’t on Kallie’s to-do list. She didn’t think she could avoid him forever but trying never hurt anyone. One minute she’s standing by herself and the next she’s accosted by a rich, velvety scent that could only belong to one man: Cross.

At face value, he’s divine. All rugged and confident with a smile that melts her right where she’s standing. It doesn’t take long to find him to be charming, witty, and the owner of a few legitimate businesses. Not at all like the mischievous boy she left.

He laughs and her heart flutters. With a touch of his hand, she’s dizzy. She’s fairly certain she’s going to die when he pulls her into an embrace and touches his lips to her forehead.

It feels right. It feels so right.

But is it?


Praise for Cross

When Adriana Locke writes and gives you a novella, she never makes you feel like you’re reading just a novella. – Rentastic Reads

Cross & Kallie’s story is pure fire! – Jordan Ashlie

Packs in a lot of heart, sexiness, and sweetness.  – Sandra, Two Book Pushers

This novella was just perfect. – Ann, Driven by Books

Adriana has a magical way with words. She knows how to spin a tale that will keep you locked in and begging for more.  – Shelly, Goodreads