It feels like I’ve been waiting forever to be able to say this—THE SWEET SPOT IS LIVE!

This book is so special to me. It follows a single mom in a sleepy, small town in Ohio. She runs into a man that’s visiting his parents at the local diner. What happens? Sparks. What does he do? He’s smitten with her. (Yes! He falls first!)

I hope you love this story as much as I do. 

Read now on Amazon for $3.99. Free with Kindle Unlimited. If you own the ebook, add the audio for $1.99 (performed by Stella Hunter and Teddy Hamilton).



I’m lifting my glass to take another sip of sugar when a shoulder brushes against mine. I’m two seconds from turning and giving someone a warning . . . but stop.

My body stills as a set of large, calloused hands presses against the laminate countertop next to me.

Thick, muscled wrists attach to forearms the size of my biceps. The space around me is impregnated with a very heady, very masculine vibe.

A bubble of curiosity blooms in my stomach. The intrigue grows as a rich, balmy scent licks at my senses. It’s the kind of cologne I love—the type that makes the person smelling it feel better, more confident, more attractive by proxy.

That is not a harbinger of good things, though. I know from experience.

I ignore the warning bells dinging in my head like the seasoned expert I am and twist to the side . . . and nearly fall off my stool.

Holy. Man. Candy.

His hair—thick and wild, lying to the side in an errant wave—is the color of tobacco. It’s a stark juxtaposition to the chips of sapphire sparkling in his eyes. A sharp jaw is dusted with more than a day’s worth of stubble, finishing the glorious package with a sinful edge.

“Hey,” he says, his voice smooth and inviting.

“I’m sorry,” I say, finding my voice. “Do I know you?”

He grins. “Not yet.”